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Latest News: July Immunisation Clinics

Childhood Vaccinations Prevent over 5,000 Deaths and over 100,000 Hospital admissions each year in England.

Act now! Book or walk in to our July immunisations clinics. Open to patients from all GP Practices across Hackney.

To book an appointment or to discuss Home Visits, call Catherine on 07469 351 78

“Immunise your child as soon as they are eligible. Vaccines are safe and rigorously tested.  There is no benefit to delaying!” Dr Jacob Opat, Cranwich Road Surgery

  • Early protection: Vaccinating on time provides immunity from early on, before babies and children are exposed to serious illnesses.
  • Keeping safe: Don’t wait for your child to start nursery or for an outbreak.  There may not be enough time for the vaccine to work.
  • Protecting others: Children who are not vaccinated on time can spread illness to newborn babies who are at higher risk of serious complications e.g whooping cough.

Immunise children 0 – 18 if unvaccinated /partially vaccinated or have missed the school-age Year 9 vaccines.

Location/Contact                                                                                                      Day/Time

Lubavitch Children’s Centre – 020 8809 9050                                             Every Thursday

1 Northfield Road, N16 5RL (Bookings Only)                                                11:00am – 5:00pm

Spring Hill Practice – 020 8806 6993                                                                Every Sunday

57 Stamford Hill, N16 6XP                                                                                  10:30am – 4:45pm

Stamford Hill Group Practice – 020 8800 1000                                              Every Sunday

2 Egerton Road, N16 6UA                                                                                     10:30am – 5:45pm